More New Year thoughts

It’s amazing what a New Year brings, but this morning things seem pretty much the same.

The New Year can either bring out the best or worst in us, because we may put a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed for that year and although most of us may be well intentioned, things may not always work out like that.

I’m all for change and believe change can help us move forward with our lives, but usually change need to be realistic if they are going to work. I believe a different perception needs to happen for things to change; to worry less, tackle more, so that change becomes more achievable.

As soon as I woke up this morning my thoughts were with Dan, who has been home since May of last year. There will be uncertainty, as he makes the transition back into university life at the end of this month.

Anyone settling back into university life will be a challenge, but any challenge or change can be hard and it’s usually our fears that stop us. I believe we can learn to change our perceptions, and work through trauma.

Although Daniel is slotting into his old life again, he has a new set of personal circumstances to work through, which will take some adjusting, but with a positive attitude, I know he can.

2 Jan, 2012

4 thoughts on “More New Year thoughts

  1. So far I have a very positive feeling about this new year and as long as I keep the positiveness up it will be good.

    We need to be positive and on guard for anything negative that will come along. If we prepare ourselves for the bad stuff it wont be so bad. But just being positive helps tremendously.

    I hope all goes well with Daniel as he returns to university and I hope you have all positive experiences for the entire year.

    1. I am pleased you’re feeling positive about this year Lisa. I am sure as you say just being positive will help any bad stuff that comes along.

      Thank you for your good wishes for Daniel and for your hopes for our year. That helps.

  2. As far as the New Year is concerned I already have made some positive changes. Hopefully they will continue.

    I try not to put pressure on myself that makes it easier to cope.

    I do wish everyone here a good year ahead.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes Randy.

      You’re absolutely right not to put the pressure on yourself. I am so pleased you’ve already made some positive changes to the start of the year. There is no reason why those changes won’t continue. Good luck with them.

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