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Never trust guilt, instead act on it. The hardest thing to do is apologise if we do something wrong. I believe we distinctively know when we’ve done something wrong, because we begin to feel bad. Taking responsibility and admitting we’re wrong is different to holding on to someone else’s guilt.

But in order to act on guilt, we first need to be conscious on how we judge ourselves. When we stop making ourselves wrong, we will find it easier to deal with carrying the guilt. We must work on what we truly feel. When we open ourselves up to our emotions, we will begin to feel emotions we’ve never felt before.

When we’ve been conditioned to live our life a certain way, the part of us that wants to live a different life shuts off, so that we don’t have to think or feel our emotions. Once we begin to feel and understand our emotions we will then know start to know what’s best for us, rather than what we have been conditioned to think.

When we take away all judgments, we will learn to love and relax again. When we have learned to deal with our emotions, we will stick up for ourselves and learn to speak out about things, but most of all we will learn to stop caring or carrying other people’s guilt.

We will then create the life we want to live and with those we want to have in our lives. Carrying guilt is soul destroying and counter-productive. Time to take control finally.

26 Mar, 2011

4 thoughts on “More on guilt

  1. I don’t think I have any guilt right now. Others make their own life just fine without me helping, so their guilt isn’t mine, even though they try to make it mine.

    It feels good to not have any guilt about anything and I don’t.

    1. I think it’s a human failing Lisa.

      I am pleased you don’t feel guilty. I agree with Randy on the point he made that guilt doesn’t serve any useful purpose, but if one does carry guilt; it should be used as a means of admitting when we’re wrong and apologising.

  2. Guilt does not service any useful purpose, except for maybe teaching us to admit when we are wrong and apologise for it.

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