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Fifty-six years into a disability I didn’t know I had and there are new things that I need to come to terms with.

Even though I didn’t know anything about an affected left arm until I got my cerebral palsy diagnosis, my left arm seemed weaker. Bizarrely, I always found it easier to open things with my left hand, than I did with my right. Now I have difficulty using both, but it’s worse on my left. Where my right side would compensate for the left, there is now progression on both.

When I found out about cerebral palsy I was told that as I age, my brain cells will too and as a result I will physically struggle. At the time it was difficult to know how that would play out, but I understand now.

I find it difficult to pick things up with my left hand. Trying to grasp things with the same hand is near to impossible. Other things include opening bottles, deodorant with twist lids and opening certain car door handles. When it comes to car doors, I sometimes have to use both hands.

If I pick my supplements up with my left hand, I fail to grasp them and they end up on the floor. I still need to continue with those because they help with my general wellness and digestion issues. Certain foods continue to make me ill and those have a knock-on effect on my digestion.

Having had to bring the whole disability thing into focus on my own, I find the whole thing difficult to comprehend. It has still left me asking the question why others would choose to ignore a disability in this way. Not wanting to know isn’t a good enough answer.

14 Apr, 2019

2 thoughts on “More on my cerebral palsy

  1. While there may be reasons why others chose to ignore your disability, and you have blogged about those reasons previously, there is no good reason why they would do so, but that it is for them to reconcile.

    You’ve moved on from that and now know more about your disability. You know what is best for you, so you must keep on doing what you’re doing and look after yourself; eat what you know agrees with you and avoid stress as far as possible.

    Your positivity will undoubtedly help you and as you continue to help others will encourage you on your path too.

    1. Thanks, yes. I try not to linger or stay in the past, because it will hurt me, but I do use it to write about my life and so that I can help myself in any way I can.

      I certainly know more about my disability, but the digestion issues I don’t know a lot about, or how bad I really am because I deal with cerebral palsy.

      There is very little information out on the net about it, but you’re right I need to do what’s best for me. I shall continue to mindfully concentrate on that.

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