Moving on from anger

It’s a sad reality that some of us may never get the answers to the questions we have about our lives and why. For those of us who hold on to issues that we cannot change, we should try to let go.

It has been necessary for me to change my perceptions; close those unhappy chapters and turn a corner, instead of staying stuck in the past and apportioning blame at the people I could feel most angry at.

The irony is that being angry doesn’t help find us answers; being angry means we’re more likely to point the finger and continue to blame others for where we are in our lives.

Initially, someone else may be to blame but the buck always stops with us. I have seen first-hand how blame leads to resentment; resentment leads to stress and stress leads to illness. There’s no point to it, particularly if it makes us ill.

1 Oct, 2013

6 thoughts on “Moving on from anger

  1. I usually don’t stay angry long and I don’t have any questions to be answered, but I agree with you that anger will lead to illness if not taken care of.

    We can’t let things eat us up if we don’t find the answers.

    1. Thanks Lisa. You’re absolutely right in what you say in your last paragraph. We have to let go of things that we don’t have answers for.

      Although many of us will know what we’re feeling or why we’re angry, for some of us we won’t always know why. We’re not always consciously aware we have a problem or an issue that’s not been resolved. It’s usually something that’s happened in the past, that’s buried itself in our unconscious thoughts.

  2. I am learning not to stay angry for too long. I believe that doesn’t do us any good at all.

    However I do have a very, very long memory and cannot and will not forget if someone has wronged me.

    1. You’re right, it’s good not to hold on to anger for too long or at all if we can help it. It’s so sad that we tend to spend more time holding on to anger than we do the happy memories.

      You talk about not forgetting. I’m not sure we ever do.

  3. Anger has ruled my life for most of it and the reality is that I’ve been the one who has suffered the most.

    It eventually came out sideways when I didn’t know how to properly express my feelings. I behaved in ways that I’m not proud of and when I tried to disconnect from it, the depression became more than I could bear.

    Only now am I really trying to let go of my anger before it takes away the rest of my life. It would be so great to be able to enjoy some small part of my life while I still have time to live it!

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re absolutely right in what you say, when we hold on to anger we are the ones that suffer the most.

      It’s harder still when we’re not initially responsible for why we’re angry, particularly if something is going on in our childhood that has nothing to do with us. I know how you feel. I have seen anger in my life too.

      I hope that you manage to take away some of the anger you feel and that things become easier for you soon.

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