Muddled thoughts

Still trying to sort out and move forward with family matters. I have too much to do, with too little time to do it all in and my thoughts are muddled. I am hoping for a clear, much more productive day tomorrow. Oh well!

30 Oct, 2013

6 thoughts on “Muddled thoughts

  1. I hope tomorrow will bring you a more productive day and your thoughts get sorted out. It will happen, just give it time.

  2. Yes always such a hard time when things have to get done and everyone is expecting them to be done immediately!

    It’s made all that much harder when there are a lot of emotions to deal with at the same time, which people don’t really consider.

    Hopefully the rest of your day goes a lot better for you so you can sort these things out!

  3. You always know the right advice to give. I hope you can take that wisdom and find the right solutions.

    Just remember things take time and not to take on too much and overwhelm yourself.

    1. Thanks Maria. I’m smiling and yes you’re absolutely right. I should take my own advice sometimes, I hand it out often enough!!!

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