My accomplishments don’t compensate

Although my experiences form the basis of my blogs and without being able to draw on those there would be no blog, but my accomplishments can never make up for the trauma I have had to go through over the years.

They never can because the time scale is too long and those responsible haven’t accepted or apologised for their behaviour. Although my disability wasn’t something talked about, when I did manage to get something out, there was no remorse.

I was hoping that by blogging about my experiences and getting my thoughts out, being able to understand why these had to be my experiences, I would feel much better about them: but it is often what’s left behind and the way in which it’a left that leave children stuck.

Because I went into some very dark places I wouldn’t want others to go through the same. It may sound like a cliche, but if my writing helps others understand their own experiences, then my experiences won’t have been in vain.

My writing has allowed me to take away the bitterness that comes with my experiences, so I now feel more neutral about them.

8 Apr, 2019

2 thoughts on “My accomplishments don’t compensate

  1. I can understand why your achievements are no compensation for the wrongs you have suffered and I don’t think you have to feel any guilt about that.

    With the help of your blogs, it may be that your feelings mellow in time as you find a place for them. Without your experiences you wouldn’t be helping so many people, in the way that you do.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I always try to reconcile the fact that my blogs do help me and so many other people too.

      I wish I did feel some sort of recompense about that. It would make my experiences much easier. I am glad I have come to a conclusion. That in a way is a weight off my mind.

      I agree with you that I have nothing to feel guilty about. It’s up to others to reconcile for themselves.

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