My adult challenges

Having significant neurological impairments where my emotions are mainly affected, means I’m not always good at being an adult. My neurological emotional impairments interfere with my ability to act grown up. Where our milestones help us understand and adapt to the next stage of our lives, I’d missed all mine and therefore didn’t equate or understand each phase that I needed to work through.

I believe Asperger’s has helped me acquire a knowledge of the world around me, using my heightened senses to the exclusion of everything else. I don’t believe I could write and run my site in the way I do without it. As for the adult thing, I’m not worried, for me life is about clarity. Bringing understanding into the equation is more important because it takes away the fear, anxiety and panic I have to deal with.

And although we don’t all reach adulthood being mentally prepared to cope with being an adult, we grow into adulthood through the other side. I’ve never done that. I also believe that my ability to hone in on my intuition, using that as my base line allows me to understand what it is to be the adult. Not everyone will understand how this works. I am only beginning to understand it myself.

I become irritated when through years of being judged on the way I am, others still think they know me, but they simply can’t because I’m only just working me out.

30 Oct, 2017

4 thoughts on “My adult challenges

  1. I find it both upsetting and amazing that this was your life. You have achieved so much just by finding your own understanding on the symptoms you’ve always thought you had.

    Slowly you’re working through all your symptoms, coming up with new understanding and writing about them and now helping others too with what they get to deal with.

    You didn’t give in or give up. An inspirational thing to do.

    1. Yes, I was determined unconsciously not to give in or give up, although others had already given up on me.

      Although it’s not easy for me to recall this was my life, because I had years of struggle, I now draw comfort from what I do.

      I am in a better place, doing what I love to do with the Diary. That’s the way I am choosing to look at it.

  2. From what I’ve read and what we’ve discussed, you behave and act very much as an adult!

    You’ve accomplished so much more, given your upbringing and daily challenges with your disability, more than people that are able bodied and play victim and don’t want to take responsibility. You’re so amazing with everything!

    You’ve really conquered this world, taken it by the horns and shown it who’s boss!

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