My Anxiety Mantra

Growing up, and not knowing I was dealing with anxiety, or why I struggled with bad thoughts meant I continued to deal with both. Years on and what I began to chant, helped me ward off bad spirits.

There are many mantras out there. This is my mantra, “Manah trayate iti mantrah” means a mantra which is brought to mind again and again. The mind has to become the mantra. The mind has to be filled with the mantra, once that happens the worry is taken away.

My spiritual beliefs have also always been instrumental in how I see life, but because I live with anxiety and I must include my neurological difficulties as part of that. It’s easy for me to go back to that place, particularly if I’m struggling with issues that aren’t easily resolved.

I believe our lifestyle is very much instrumental in how and what we think about, our lifestyle is also instrumental is us being able to take away any concerns and worries, so that we can live with less anxiety and make our lives more positive.

Negative or bad thoughts do increase our fear and worry. Continually accessing those thoughts mean you will be more instrumental on acting and being able to change and move those thoughts away.

19 Jun, 2019

2 thoughts on “My Anxiety Mantra

  1. It would have been nice to know what anxiety was when I was a kid, but I always attributed it to the chaos and insanity that we grew up in.

    I read many self help books as a young teen trying to fix myself, since I knew my parents weren’t going to pay for anything like counselling because it was expensive.

    The truly sad part is that we were always getting things like food stamps, so we must have at least had the state insurance, so they wouldn’t have had to pay for any of it.

    I have a hard time imagining any parent refusing to get the help their children need, especially when they don’t have to go that far out of their way to get it.

    I’m not always sure of what mantra it is that I’m using but I know I need to settle on a good one to be able to deal with my anxiety.

    1. Thanks Randy. It’s easy to replay our past and ask ourselves questions about how or why things weren’t done, but it can’t help. All you can do now is find a way to work through your anxiety.

      Mantra’s are very powerful and they do work. It’s important to find a mantra that is easy to recite, one that you can go straight to and remember when you’re working through stress and anxiety,

      They can help us feel better if used often enough.

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