My autism struggles

I hate that autism is the reason getting myself out of the house is proving impossible, particularly around the pandemic. I hate the fact that me and my autistic traits are continually being put to the test.

Coping with change for me is difficult. With a normal thinking brain, we trust the advice we receive from others and that is enough to know things will work out. With autism, we first have to understand and be completely comfortable with our choices.

So, just thinking about stepping foot out of the house has been a struggle. A normal thinking brain knows you adapt and you get on with it. Having to adapt trying to live a normal life around the pandemic, is not easily achievable.

Not everyone knows how to best support those of us with autism, I feel bad just trying to exist around a disability I have no control over. For those like myself with a mental and emotional disability, these have become impossible times.

17 Aug, 2020

2 thoughts on “My autism struggles

  1. It’s good that after all these years you now know what you were dealing with. It can’t be easy trying to navigate yourself around the pandemic with autism.

    You do very well. You have proved that with determination, we can manage our difficulties, even if it’s not something we can overcome completely.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I have good and bad days around the pandemic dealing with autism. Being nearer to my disability through the pandemic makes everything so much more difficult.

      Having to live around autism is difficult at the best of times, it has become much harder trying to navigate autism around the virus and be comfortable with it.

      I would say near to impossible. I can only do my best.

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