My autism traits

For those of us with autism, it probably doesn’t worry us too much because we know what we get to deal with and how our symptoms will present, but for others who don’t understand they may have their opinions of what they think we deal with.

For me, it’s interesting being able to read about other people’s experiences with similar symptoms and that helps me feel less alone. But for those of us who deal with autism, it’s not always easy for us to explain how we feel in certain situations, particularly when it manifests itself around unexpected changes.

In my own case, it’s the unexpected changes, particularly the ones I can’t prepare for that make me feel anxious, panicked and confused, to the point of losing my sense of rationality. I also struggle with noises and smells particularly. The biggest problem for me is the anxiety and panic that comes over me when I struggle to find a resolve on some of my bigger issues.

In those circumstances it’s easy for me to feel impulsive and for me to hyperventilate. I have experienced both in one or two circumstances, where I’ve literally been in a state of panic and shock, not being able to rationale; not knowing which way to proceed. Mentally it’s exhausting.

The sad reality is that I’ve lived with this all my life, but never understood the feelings or why I presented this way, or what it even meant. Having anything can be very lonely and isolating, but where other people understand, we feel less misunderstood. It’s the small things around what we deal with that people do to help us that make the biggest difference.

If everyone contributed to making those of us who deal with autism feel less of a burden, we would get to feel more inclusive and be more prepared.

1 Apr, 2018

2 thoughts on “My autism traits

  1. I still find it hard to comprehend that this has been your life and that you’re still finding out about the things you know you deal with.

    When any part of the brain is injured from birth, the brain compensates so all of this make sense. I find it sad you’re still having to work it out yourself.

    And piecing your symptoms together as you’re doing is exactly right. Very inspirational. I probably would have given up a long time ago.

    1. I am just pleased I know now. Although I didn’t want to give up, there was a part of me that began to subconsciously question whether I would find out.

      I never gave up the hope that one day I would find out. It’s what kept me going. Your words are comforting thank you. I appreciate the sentiment.

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