My book is ‘My Story’

Although through my blog I write about my experiences around a disability I didn’t know I had and I talk about my experiences, it is completely different to how my book will read.

My book is ‘my story’. I take myself through my childhood, through my struggles in the early years, through my teenage years, and up to the current time. It goes more into my thoughts and feelings on my disability and how I got to this place.

It encapsulates my thoughts and feelings, living with a disability I didn’t know I had, recalling some of my most painful experiences and how those made me feel.

My website is important, but the book is even more important, because it has allowed me to bring acceptance in a way that’s different to my blog. The book is a self-affirming journey. I have a unique perspective now. For the first time I can connect with my life, in the order my experiences happened.

Where I had chaos, through my book I now live with order. I see myself and my life differently. Where I took a leap of faith and didn’t know whether I would succeed, I have succeeded and for the first time, I am able to identify my strengths.

I am motivated and will continue with my writing, both through my website and any potential new book, further down the line. If you like my blog, you’ll love the book. Please watch this space for more news.

4 Nov, 2019

6 thoughts on “My book is ‘My Story’

  1. I’m sure that it will be a very interesting book and I for one can’t wait to have a chance to read it.

    I have always wondered how to really go about writing my own story, but I’d need to start at the beginning like you did, which is probably the only way to do it.

    The owner of the company I used to work for, wrote a book about his experiences with raising an autistic son, so he would probably be able to help figure out where to start in the process, so I could get my own book published.

    Please let me know when and where I can get a copy of your book, as I would be very interested in having the chance to read it.

    1. Thanks Randy… you’ll get to know for sure. Yes, with or without publication of a book, it’s always a good idea to go back to the beginning. It is only at the beginning, we can begin to understand our lives in its entirety.

      In my own case it was slightly different, because not knowing I had a disability or what that meant, meant I knew nothing about myself.

      When anyone lives with control, they ignore a lot about themselves. Through my journey, I have been able to uncover the facts behind decisions that were made. That part is always so important.

      Going back to the beginning will help you uncover the reasons behind the control, why certain decisions were made for you, why you missed out on things, to reveal the personalities behind the control.

      All you have at the moment Randy is an imprint of your life, without the full facts and the understanding.

  2. I am looking forward to reading your book, Ilana! What an awesome accomplishment!

    You just carved your spirit into this world, permanently.

    1. Awww thanks Tim. Yes, none of it has sunk in, I’m not sure it will. It’s just the way my head works, it doesn’t!

      I can’t tell you how good that sounds and how it makes me feel. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you, truly. I can’t wait. It still probably won’t sink in even then.

  3. I agree with Tim and Randy. Your book is an amazing achievement and you deserve every success. I am sure it will be a no.1 best seller.

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