My Cerebral Palsy journey

Having looked through my medical history again, I now have a fuller picture of my cerebral palsy. My neurological consultant confirms that my MRI scan shows: ‘An old stroke in the distribution of the right anterior cerebral artery and there is extensive damage to the right frontal lobe and a part of the right parietal lobe.’

These two lobes are part of the four that make up the cerebral cortex. As these different hemispheres are interlinked, it would be easy for most of those lobes to be affected, either directly or indirectly. Working through my symptoms, I find this certainly is what has happened to me.

The brain is organised in three inter-connecting layers that work together and include the central core, the limbic system and the cerebral cortex. Areas within these oversee all forms of conscious experience, including emotion, perception, thought, movement, balance, arousal, as well as many unconscious, cognitive and emotional processes.

I am aware that because of my unique brain damage I struggle with each of these everyday functions and in my case, these areas of the cerebral cortex aren’t receiving signals from the central core.

Each lobe has a different but related function. The frontal lobe deals with motor control and movement, the parietal lobe deals with the main sensory receptor for the sense of touch and spatial interpretation, and the temporal lobe deals with auditory perception, language comprehension and visual recognition.

22 Dec, 2015

2 thoughts on “My Cerebral Palsy journey

  1. You have taken control over your life and you have freed yourself from the expectations of others through your writings, research and personal awareness. We know your courageous heart and no one can judge you by what they see on the surface, until they’ve placed themselves in your very shoes.

    I was once an inquisitive stranger, who became your friend through the power of your writings and the gentleness of your soul, and I’m still thanking you.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. Through my writing, I am free to think and feel as a free agent… to equate and put my experiences into context.

      The art of course is being able to carry that into real life and not care so much what other people think. Generally speaking, perhaps more of us should take this stance.

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