My changed life

No matter how difficult life has been for me over the years, and no matter how much my mental and emotional strength have been put to the test, I have always pushed through. Giving in and up was never an option. To do that would have left me in a worse mental and emotional space.

In the UK this is what we’ve had, first with Brexit and now in Covid-19. We may have got back into our lives metaphorically speaking, but in practice, we’re existing in uncertain times and that’s all we’re doing.

In my own case, my mental disability was always the driving force behind my attentions, it has always been at the forefront of my thoughts. It was bigger than what I could see physically. I was born with a mental and emotional disability, there is no other way that could have worked.

In this world it is important to stand up for yourself and what I have done is right. No matter how hard life gets, or how many other may disagree, if the shoe were on the other foot, they would have done the same thing.

No matter how difficult life becomes, you know if what you’re doing is right for you. It’s your opinion that matters but others may disagree and that’s okay; it’s your life. Through writing I have changed my thinking to my disability and that has changed my life. I am free of all restraints.

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17 Nov, 2021

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