My Comeback Journey

No matter what I was up against it was only me that could write my comeback story, take my ‘comeback journey.’ I was chosen by ‘the universe’ to take this journey, to find and to have a voice, to validate myself.

The CP Diary became my journey. I was chosen to cope with a disability I didn’t know I had. I know that it wouldn’t be my journey if any of those experiences had played out differently. ‘My Story’ was to be heard. My father’s journey was selective for me to do what I do; with my writing, my blog, and my books.

I couldn’t do what I’m doing without my experiences, everything had to fall into place. I was okay with me, I was comfortable in my own skin.

If we’re continually looking for acceptance, for validation for the pieces to fit, we’re not living our lives. We are all responsible for our own comeback journey.

5 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “My Comeback Journey

  1. Life is certainly a journey filled with hardships, heartaches and joy which lead us to our purpose, our life’s lessons.

    I believe that our paths are mapped out for us, so I agree you were chosen for yours because you could rise above the challenges you faced, to help others meet theirs.

    A journey like yours is rare, so that makes you especially chosen.

    1. Thank you. Yes, hoping so. We are certainly not alone on our path and although those may be different and we all deal with different things, it is the emotions that bring us together and it is our emotions that pull us apart.

      If my journey and my blog can help others identify with what they deal with, what they’ve gone through, or continue to go through, then my journey and my experiences, will not have been in vain. I will be happy.

      Not everyone may or will be ready to notice their purpose or life’s lessons and that’s a fact. And where we think we have, the universe will let us know otherwise.

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