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When my children were small I seemed to have much more confidence. Now I seem to be lacking in confidence as I see my children become more confident by the bucket loads. I am immensely proud of how confident they have become, which can make me feel less than confident sometimes.

Not having an abundance of confidence has meant that the little confidence I had is now hanging in the balance, but only for now. As adults we tend to cover up all or most of our insecurities, but we still continue to carry our children’s worries. Even if we’re struggling we will still look to help them.

It’s not to say children won’t have their own struggles even with the confidence they have, but it’s the confidence that matters and it’s that will hopefully bring about a resolve to their struggles.

I wrote a resume of my life living with Cerebral Palsy when I first set the site up, including some of my struggles and although emotionally I do very well, i.e. sorting out problems and dealing with immediate issues, my struggles seem to have manifested themselves into how I cope physically.

Maybe it’s that I am more aware now, but I will continue to work on the confidence thing. My site’s been a great help.

7 Aug, 2011

4 thoughts on “My confidence

  1. My confidence is decreased also when it comes to Sarah.

    She has a ton of it, but things I worry about don’t bother her. “I’m okay Mom,” “my driving is good,” just things like that. I’m glad she is confident. Then there are the areas of her life she isn’t as confident, but I am.

    My confidence has gotten better than it use to be but I could use more.

    1. Lisa, I think this is normal, but like you say although our children are confident in some areas of their lives there will be areas of their lives that they’re not. It’s lovely to see them work through what they can with confidence.

      This is something I’m continuing to work on.

  2. I think what you are experiencing is perfectly normal. This generation of children seem to ooze confidence, whereas at their age we had little.

    I also think much of this is down to parenting, so it is a credit to parents too when they get it right.

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