My constant uncertainties

We all have temporary periods of worry and uncertainty that’s a given, but my worries and uncertainties seem to be anything but temporary, they have literally moved in.

Every which way I turn, I am looking at yet another uncertainty, which isn’t righting itself, including my father’s terminal illness and extended family issues around my father’s illness.

I am trying to find a place where I can function at my best. In the meantime I shall continue to work on my emotional and physical health.

9 Apr, 2012

6 thoughts on “My constant uncertainties

  1. You’re right in that we all have periods of worry and stress, but generally we’ll cope better at those times if they are interspersed with better times and that doesn’t seem to be happening.

    However I am sure this is temporary, it will pass and things will be different and better.

  2. I have periods without worry and stress and live with worry and stress. That’s been my life mostly and I’ve just gotten used to something going wrong.

    I try to stay positive but when I’m not on guard that’s when it will hit, so I’ve learned to live with it.

    1. I am pleased you are trying to stay positive. I do too, but as you say there does seem to be something that goes wrong, to upset those periods of positivity.

      Staying positive means those stressful times wont seem so bad. That’s what I keep telling myself.

  3. It does seem to be very difficult when everything is up in the air for a long time.

    I know it has taken me a long time to get used to having anything constant in my life that isn’t always unstable. It’s nice to have lived in the same area for a long time and for things to be fairly stable.

    1. I agree with you Randy, it is very difficult when everything is up in the air. That’s what I’m finding right now. There doesn’t seem to be any let up.

      I am pleased you are working towards a period of stability in your life right now.

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