My despondent day

I can’t be bothered to motivate myself today. I have that despondent, doom feeling come over me.

The feeling that drains and zaps your energy for short periods, where things just feel blah. I know the feeling will pass. It always does.

24 Jan, 2012

12 thoughts on “My despondent day

  1. So sorry to hear that you’re having a rough day. Hopefully it won’t last too long and that you try to have a better day. Just hang in there!

  2. I felt like you do a few days ago and I think mine is related to the weather.

    We’ve had enough cool, dreary days now. I’m ready for the sunshine and it just came out a little a while ago.

    I hope you feel more like yourself soon.

  3. I am sure it happens to the majority of us. I have a lot of those days too.

    Usually when something happens that reminds me that I have CP. It passes.

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