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I remember having an intelligence test as a child because doctors needed to work out whether I was mentally retarded or not. It’s only now that I understand why I had the test. I now know the test I should have been given was a standardized intelligence and standardized adaptive skills test, based on my individual needs. The test I had was more like a standard school entrance test for three year olds.

The consultant advised my father the test wasn’t a true measure of whether I could learn and asked that my father report back so that if he had any concerns about my education, those concerns could be addressed by the relevant authorities.

At that point I didn’t understand what was wrong with me or what I had, so I assumed that’s what my father would do, for the issue of my education to be kept current, so that doctors could keep a watchful eye on me, so that I didn’t slip through the net. That didn’t happen.

As we go through adolescence and through our school years, we begin to learn about ourselves as we grow, both mentally and physically. We become more aware of life and what goes on around us. We begin to understand our strengths and weakness, what we excel in and what we like to do.

It was into my thirties that I became aware of my intuition and that opened a whole new chapter and world I didn’t know existed. Although I found a different way to learn, I still have an immaturity about me emotionally, it’s not always obvious but it’s there. I know that with help I would have understood more about my disability through my school years and how I presented with extra support around my learning both in and out of school.

With a disability, our ability to learn, grow and mature doesn’t happen in the same way and it was no exception for me. Over the years, I struggled to learn, to grow and mature. As I look back on my life to this point, through my added education and accomplishments, like Kate Winslet, who was also written off, I have proved my critics wrong.

16 Jun, 2018

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  1. Yes, it can be very frustrating and disappointing when you think about what should have been done by your parents but they didn’t so you had to learn how to adapt and overcome on your own.

    It was only recently that I was diagnosed as having ADHD, which would have been nice to know when I was a child. I always had trouble focusing when I was a child, which I always attributed to the way we were living at the time.

    My parents never seemed to notice, so I became one of the many who fell through the cracks back in the days when these issues weren’t acknowledged.

    It just makes me wonder at times as to what I could have really accomplished had I received the proper treatment at the time but, now I will never know.

    1. A different scenario for both of us but the same outcome Randy. I’m with you there, I feel your pain.

      I was once told when I first went into counselling that I needed to change the issues I struggled with, one of them being my education. And although it would go on to take another 15 years, I did go back into study and changed my education and have never looked back.

      Although you may not want or feel you’re capable of achieving something new now Randy, I believe you’re more than capable. With the right help and support from your parents and school I believe you too could have made some advances.

      We can’t change our past, but we can change our attitude towards our past and find ways through. It’s the reason I started my blog.

  2. Your life would have been very different had your parents confronted your disability and put you first, rather than themselves.

    It is clear from your blogs that it was never going to be any other way. I guess they hoped you might never find out and that really is a selfish life they led. Also it meant they missed out on the real you.

    You went on to study in a way that worked for you and you have managed your feelings well and shown us fortitude and positivity which we would otherwise not have benefited from.

    1. Thank you. I think where you say, ‘I guess they hoped you might never find out’ those are my thoughts too.

      But that goes against the universal practice. And whenever we go against the universe, the universe will always have other ideas. It wasn’t something that would stay hidden, particularly as I made it clear I wanted to know.

      I understand my life enough to make a judgment call not carry the negativity. And with a beautiful website to blog to everyday, I do feel privileged.

      I also know I couldn’t do what I do without this life, or my experiences.

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