My feelings now

It felt good having cleared up so many uncertainties that have been outstanding over the last few weeks and which are based around my father’s illness and although for a short while I have felt elated, I am actually feeling the opposite today.

It’s often the effort we make that can leave us with a feeling of despondency. I woke up feeling positive, then as the morning started my mood began to change. A few hours on and I’m pleased to say I’m feeling better now.

20 Feb, 2013

8 thoughts on “My feelings now

  1. So so glad your feeling better. It does help to get things out in the open and not hold them in. We just have to face our troubles head on sometimes.

    Then there are times when uncertainty creeps back in and makes us doubt things again, but we have to get rid of the doubts and know we did the right thing.

  2. It’s strange how some days can be like this.

    You wake up happy and then something changes in your day and then you’re a bit perturbed. So glad that you were able to bring it back around and end your day in a positive light.

  3. It’s always nice when things do get settled, but I know for me my life brings up a lot of conflicting emotions! It is very confusing to deal with because it isn’t very often that I really feel much on anything on a regular basis, with the way my life has been lately.

    I’m hoping that I can somewhat get back to what I consider normal, sometime in the very near future!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

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