My feelings on change

The person I was at the age of 25 is not the same person I am today. Most of us may breeze through life following the same patterns and might be making the same mistakes and won’t change a thing. Those people may not see it’s them who need to change, but without change we can never grow emotionally.

The thing about change is that to benefit from it we need to put in the time and effort. It isn’t always easy to know and understand what changes we need to make. Others may often see where we need to change, better than we can see for ourselves. We may not always see repeated habits as a need for change, but any habit that becomes repetitive is a good reason to change.

Anything we may repeat shows a lack of imagination, a lack of thought, a lack of consideration, a lack growth, particularly towards those on the receiving end. And although change is difficult, it does get easier with time. We need to give change time. Through a change in perceptions, we get to work on new strategies that helps incorporate change.

The right changes can make our life more rewarding and less stressful. Without change, our behaviour is more likely to become stereotyped, predictable and annoying to other people. Change that is positive can be the key for peace, tranquillity and harmony.

5 Jun, 2012

6 thoughts on “My feelings on change

  1. I believe change is either a motivation or detriment depending on how we cope with it.

    I would hate to think of a life without growth, spiritual, emotional and physical. All of the life lessons should certainly lead to change. It works for me.

    1. I completely agree with you and you’re right. Depending on what we have to cope with, we’ll either be motivated or be despondent in some way.

      As you mention spiritual emotional and physical growth Brian; I believe all of those things will help us become less despondent even when things seem out of our depth. From my own experience that is exactly what happened.

      Although I’ve been dealing with trauma for some time now, I’ve managed to remain fairly upbeat about it in the longer term. I know for sure my spiritual beliefs are responsible and have pulled me through.

  2. I think there are some habits that should change, especially if they are detrimental to our health, but there are some habits that we shouldn’t change because that’s just who we are.

    I have grown with age but I refuse to be ‘older’ mentally. It keeps me young and keeps me going. I refuse to grow old gracefully! I’m fighting it every step of the way.

    I may mature in certain ways, but you are how you feel and I definitely don’t feel my age.

    1. I agree with changing our habits, particularly when it comes to diet if what we eat is detrimental to our health of course.

      I also agree with you Lisa that our habits tend to shape our personalities to some extent, but that’s fine if those habits only affect us. If our habits begin to affect others, then it doesn’t seem fair to impose those habits on others.

      From what you say Lisa, there is nothing wrong with us feeling younger than our mental age, that should be embraced; it keeps us young, but if we begin to stick out in society because we’re trying too hard to stay young, then maybe that’s something for us to think about.

  3. Unfortunately the only real constant in life is change! I know I don’t deal with it very well at times, but I grew up in a world where things always changed for the negative, so it can be hard for me to see the positive in change.

    I’m trying to change my attitude about it so change would be an easier thing to deal with.

    1. You’re right, life is full of change! Although it can be hard to see the positive in change, the fact that you’re able to work through change is always positive.

      I hope you begin to see the positive in any changes you get to make Randy.

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