My feelings today

Today has been the kind of day I’d like to forget. Between not sleeping and family stuff going on that I can’t change, I have now been forced emotionally to move on.

Not by choice, but a place that allows me to have more clarity and peace, away from heated discussions and arguments. The problem has reinforced my Cerebral Palsy issues a little though. The lack of support from those who should have supported and continue to support me, rests heavily sometimes.

On a brighter note, next Sunday we travel to Devon for a greatly needed break. I need to chill so that I can totally wind down for that. I will continue to journal from Devon, so that is my plan for now.

25 Jul, 2010

8 thoughts on “My feelings today

  1. Sorry you’re in that bad place today. I hope you feel better soon. You definitely need that break and have earned it. Hope the break goes well and you have a great time. Just unwind and things will wait for you here. Lisa

  2. I’m glad that you get to take a short break for a while. Even though it may be short in length it can really help. Thinking of you and sending my best regards.

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