My focus

The CP Diary blogs are my focus. They give me clarity. They help me to work through and understand my life so that I am able to stay focused. They help me remain calm in my not so calm world.

I find it helpful when I can read and refer back to what I write. The contents of my blogs help me to perceive my life so that I can continue to do and give of my best on my not so good days.

On those days, my blogs help me concentrate and build my emotional health back up.

25 Sep, 2012

6 thoughts on “My focus

  1. Your blogs are a great inspiration to others too, as well as a brilliant source of information and advice.

    I also think it helps other people who read your blogs to understand the person a little more. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing!!

  2. Yes your blogs are very helpful, when quite often you’re talking about an issue I happen to be dealing with at the time.

    Keep up the good work and hope you’re able to continue doing it for a long time!

    1. I’m pleased you feel my blogs are helping you Randy.

      I do intend to continue with my writing. Many thanks for your continued support.

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