My focus

My blogs are my focus. They give me clarity. They help me to understand my life, where I had no understanding and so that I am able to stay focused. They help me remain calm in a not so calm world.

I find it helpful when I can read and refer back to what I write. My blog and its contents help me to perceive my life so that I can continue to do and give of my best on my not so good days.

My blogs help me concentrate and build my emotional health back up.

25 Sep, 2012

6 thoughts on “My focus

  1. Your blogs are a great inspiration to others too, as well as a brilliant source of information and advice.

    I also think it helps other people who read your blogs to understand the person a little more. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing!!

  2. Yes your blogs are very helpful, when quite often you’re talking about an issue I happen to be dealing with at the time.

    Keep up the good work and hope you’re able to continue doing it for a long time!

    1. I’m pleased you feel my blogs are helping you Randy.

      I do intend to continue with my writing. Many thanks for your continued support.

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