My grandmother

There is often one person in our life with whom we deeply connect, who emotionally understands us and who sees the world like we do. That person was my maternal grandmother.

She was a good person with a kind heart, but like me, was often misunderstood. She was quiet and unassuming and didn’t take anyone or anything for granted.

She didn’t show her emotions to everyone, but when in the right company she seemed to open up. Generally, she didn’t talk much about herself and I knew not to ask her questions, but she did like to talk to the people she cared about.

She was the kind of person you wanted to be around and I loved spending time in her company. She was a person you didn’t want to be without.

Her apartment was peaceful. It was a place that didn’t feel like a permanent challenge. It became my sanctuary. She was my grandmother.

20 Sep, 2018

2 thoughts on “My grandmother

  1. It sounds like your grandmother was a lovely person. I can’t remember anyone in my childhood like that, although I am very fortunate that my mum is a lovely person too.

    She has had a pretty bad life and has weathered more than her fair share of storms, but carries it all with dignity and kindness. I am quite lucky to have her.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I really miss her. We can sometimes come full circle and see as an adult what we don’t always see as a child.

      You are lucky you still have your mum, particularly because as you say, she’s a lovely person. It’s important we try savour those moment. We can’t get them back again.

      This is how my grandmother was, just a lovely person. But society is sadly lacking. We must all do more.

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