My Heightened Senses

I never tire of finding ways to understand my damaged brain and what I deal with, how what I deal with plays out and how it may affect me in my daily life.

Having heightened senses means I perceive issues long before they outwardly present and notice the small things others may miss.

I constantly need time to process the flow of sensory inputs, because of the extensive damage to the cerebral cortex, which means my nervous system registers stimuli and then amplifies them internally.

Having heightened senses also means I have a heightened sense of smell and touch and have zero tolerance for itchy fabrics and loud or sudden sounds, which reflects my low threshold for sensory input. I am sensitive to animals and can often be irritated when I see abused or neglected animals.

My emotional experiences are continually at a constant intensity that it shapes my personality, my life, my writing, my relationships, and my interpretation of the world and how I cope with certain situations and experiences.

It also makes life incredibly hard, because I am constantly tied into emotions I cannot change, and that makes interactions difficult. The available evidence suggests Highly Sensitive People become highly sensitive through birth.

26 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “My Heightened Senses

  1. It was a couple of days ago that I connected with the fact that I may have had a TBI when I was 4 and a girl tried to crush my skull.

    My parents were pretty oblivious so it’s no wonder I never got the appropriate medical treatment afterwards. It might explain why I had the issues I did with ADD and my struggles with impulse issues.

    I’m sure that I became highly sensitive myself after almost dying from pneumonia at 3 and then having that happen again when I was 4.

    It would be great to be less sensitive to things, but both of us have to deal with things just the way that they are.

  2. Thanks. Yes, both of us have to deal with things just the way they are.

    It would be good Randy if you could get tested for ADD and your struggles with impulse issues. You definitely have something that you struggle with, to know for sure would help you bring acceptance and closure.

    It would also bring understanding for others and put to bed any misunderstandings over the years. That said, none of this is your fault.

    Without the support you could never know, but you can change moving forward from here.

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