My holiday concerns

Recently my blogs seem to be about me, perhaps it’s because I’m still not settled. The last time my family had a holiday was before my mother passed nearly 6 years ago.

Now that we have decided to take a short break in January, I’m worried I won’t be able to make the holiday because of my health and it’s making me stressed.

I have always needed to be in a routine, so I will need to be in a similar routine on holiday. I will also have to make sure I’m eating right and will have to time everything to perfection, so that I don’t leave it too long between meals.

Holidays are wonderful, but they also bring stress and having to keep myself well adds to that. I also don’t want to give in so I don’t go, but the problems of illness weigh heavily. The stress of the journey can set my illness off. I hate that my life revolves around my health.

I want to live a normal life, one that doesn’t involve dealing with my health all the time, but wanting sometimes doesn’t get us these things.

26 Dec, 2012

6 thoughts on “My holiday concerns

  1. I worry about such things whenever we go away on vacations and I worry about leaving things here at home, like our pets and my family.

    I tend to do better on vacations with my health because I don’t have the stress I have daily here at home, even though I worry about things. Once I get into the vacation I do okay. A lot of it is routine with me. Once I get into the routine I do well.

    I usually feel 20 times better, don’t have the daily pain and tiredness I have here at home. I had a doctor once write me a prescription for a cruise and we went on one. He said I needed it to get myself back on track to where I wasn’t stressing about a lot and my pain levels needed to come down more, so the cruise helped tremendously.

    I think once you get into the holiday you will do well. You just have to get your routine right, like you said and then enjoy yourself and being with your family. Don’t worry about things at home.

    You can let them go for a week or two. You need this break!!

    1. I could do with this break, you’re right. I think the apprehension always makes our health worse, particularly when we leave family pets behind.

      Thanks Lisa. I feel better already.

  2. Ilana I wish you were in better health and my heart goes out to you.

    Sometimes it needs to be about you and please don’t beat yourself up over it. You have a loving and supportive family, they understand and let them be there for you. I know what it feels like to be different and not wanting to be a burden.

    Sounds like you have it well planned out and if you keep attentive of your needs you should have a splendid holiday.

    1. Thanks for your understanding Brian. Your comments really do help me this morning. I am now determined to at least try to make the holiday work.

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