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I slow down when brain fatigue sets in, me just trying to function normally. I have never really known this before. As a child none of this was evident, I had never heard of brain fatigue, let alone have it.

My family and I went to Salts Mill in Saltaire in the morning and then drove to Bolton Abbey in the afternoon and had lunch at a brasserie nearby. I managed about a twenty-minute walk around the Abbey grounds. Having already slept in the car from Salts Mill to Bolton Abbey, I then slept again on the way back.

I know this is what I deal with and I’m okay about it, but I need to pace myself better. It doesn’t matter what I deal with, I will always choose to start another day with a positive thought. I’ve learned to roll like that.

12 Jul, 2010

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  1. I’m sure you are not alone with the Brain fatigue, once we reach a certain age things start to slow down. There are commercials on the television here in the States promoting stimulants to help make it through the day. It’s a new world with images and auditory streaming through our senses all day. No wonder we are tired.

    1. We don’t have anything here advertising about stimulants to help us make it through the day, so I’m not up on that, you’ll probably know more than me, although I do agree as we age so does the function of our brain as we begin to slow down.

  2. Is brain fatigue the same as or similar to brain fog? If so I have experienced it a lot here lately.. and I think it gets worse as we get older. There is also a lot of stuff out there that we eat that contributes to brain function. I hope you feel better soon Ilana. You’re doing great with your site by the way! Keep up the good work and If I can help in anyway let me know. Lisa

    1. Lisa brain fatigue is simply not being able to function mentally and the only way you can is to rest (like charging up batteries again). Thanks for your support – you’re great.

      1. Yes, the battery analogy works very well in this situation. My daughter gets very tired as well, but she perks up after a nap. Sounds like you react about the same way as far as dealing with the brain fog. Keep up the good work on your site and hope to chat again soon!

  3. Yes recharging our batteries certainly does help. Thanks for posting Randy. Would love to chat with you again soon.

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