My latest challenge

I am beginning to see how much of a challenge my Cerebral Palsy has become, is becoming. I’m not sure when I go for walks how long I walk for, but on a neurological level, I know it’s taking me a lot longer to recover.

Where someone without Cerebral Palsy will have no real need to recover, it will take me a good few hours to recover. The frustrating part is that I have little understanding of how and why it happens and this is beginning to make what I deal with even more frustrating. Feeling irritable.

12 Jul, 2014

4 thoughts on “My latest challenge

  1. I’m sorry you’re having these problems. I was diagnosed with neuropathy a few years ago and at that time I had no symptoms at all.

    Now I’m starting to have numbness in various parts of my arms and legs. This morning I woke up with numbness in my hand in my pinky and ring fingers. It is hard to type now. I know it is all related to my diabetes which I’ve had for 42 years.

    I’ve had no symptoms or problems that other people have, except for my retinopathy which I developed when I was pregnant and have been in remission for 26 years. Why do some people have all the related problems of diabetes and other don’t?

    It seems like people that follow the strictest diet and medication routine have more problems than people that don’t do all the right things. I think the answers are out there, but it’s just not meant for us to know right now, but eventually we will find them.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I hope so, but I’m not sure either. It may seem that people who follow the strictest diet and medication routine may have more problems than those who don’t follow the same routine, but I’m not sure how clear cut that is.

      I believe there are different intensities of conditions that we deal with, which will give us different problems. No two conditions are the same. It may be that there are other issues we have to deal with, that may make the conditions we deal with seem worse.

  2. I’m sure it would be very frustrating when you’re never sure of how any physical exercise will affect you or how long it will take to recover. I can only imagine it has gotten progressively worse as you’ve gotten older.

    The doctors would hopefully be able to help you assess the limitations you may experience over time. I should probably do some research myself considering I’m not fully aware of what my daughter may go through as she gets older.

    I have a vague understanding of what you’re talking about, as I get resentful sometimes when I see how other people seem to have such an easy time of doing what I consider “normal” things!

    Hopefully this won’t ruin your summer since I’m sure you try to get out as much as possible in the good weather.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes it can very frustrating! Unfortunately because there is no research out there for those of us who live with CP, apart from what CP charities write about, we know very little about what we will deal with as we age.

      Every now again (which I am sure will be the same for your daughter) it gets to me, but in the longer term I know there is very little I can do, unless something changes.

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