My life after Covid

A back to back. With lockdown easing and shops in the UK open, fast forward and my attention turns to me getting back into my life, after lockdown.

I don’t agree with the lockdown being eased, particularly as we’re already seeing spikes. Countries like New Zealand who were 24 days clear of the virus, now have two cases. Where it’s not on other people’s radar, with autism it’s on my radar all the time.

I am not sure how getting back into my own life being ‘high risk’ will go. I hope talking and writing about it, will help me come to terms with it better. Yes, we have a ‘new normal’ but being high risk and not understanding how the virus mutates is making me feel nervous.

With cerebral palsy, respiratory issues and autism, which is responsible for how I deal with my life on a daily basis, I am struggling to get my head around my life after covid. Where I think I have, the UK government throws in a curve ball.

If certain governments in charge of handling the pandemic put themselves in our shoes for just one day, they’d change the way they’re handling the pandemic. These are people’s lives they’re playing with.

On social media, no matter how many times we tweet something out, our tweets go unheard and our voices drowned out by their rhetoric. I can handle most things, but I find their lies staggering, with lives still being lost and excuses being made.

18 Jun, 2020

4 thoughts on “My life after Covid

  1. Don’t get me started on what I think about this whole mess. I think it’s totally ridiculous how this pandemic is being handled, certain governments haven’t taken it very seriously at all.

    The politicians are clueless, they don’t really live in the same world and don’t have to worry so much about what everyone else does.

    I’m also not sure of what life after Covid is going to be like, I don’t see things really changing anytime soon, unfortunately.

    People are so freaked out by the way that they’re having to live, but I have already been living this way for a very long time. We’ll have to wait and see how things go.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, I don’t see things changing any time soon either. Seriously, their attitudes are playing on my autism.

      Things are issues until I can make them non-issues. Covid isn’t a non-issue, although how the way they’re handling it, you would think it is very much a non-issue.

      I agree with your sentiment, politicians are clueless but I also think they don’t care. They care more about a bruised ego than they do the people they serve.

      We’ll have to wait and see how things go – that’s where I take issue, it’s a problem for many of us, for those like myself with autism, it’s 3 to 5 times worse.

  2. Ilana, the lies are staggering to say the least. You have to be highly unstable or have a political agenda to ease restrictions right now, I think it’s a little bit of both.

    Of course, we will continue to support you and feel your embrace after Covid-19. You own our admiration and respect.

    1. Thanks for the validation Tim. ‘You own our admiration and respect’ – thank you for the validation and allowing me to own your last paragraph.

      I was beginning to think it was just me who saw the ‘lies.’But my spiritual beliefs aren’t giving up or in. I continue to believe and live with hope this nightmare will go away. It’s not only Covid_19, it’s their governing that is based on ‘lies.’

      It’s a bit like being in school and not prepping for an exam and passing. It’s clear both our governments are winging it and getting away with it, because the opposition parties are saying nothing.

      My life after covid. My thoughts fail me right now, because I am still in self-isolation, but I am sure it will be a matter of time before they’re back. Truthfully, I’m tired of the lies.

      Brexit lies, now Covid_19 lies. It’s the lies that begin to weigh you down after a while, leaving you drained. My truth, moral standing and moral compass are all struggling with their immorality.

      None of them have any form of morality in an inch of their life. It’s not right, but still we must wait for the tide to turn and it will.

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