My long-term health concerns

I’m beginning to think the problems with my health, although not life threatening are worse and given the fact that for the last few years I have taken my health in hand, ten minutes around someone ill, catapults me into a world of illness that can last for weeks.

I have been ill now for some two weeks and am struggling to get better. I have respiratory problems brought about by Reflux. That my inability to get better quickly is because of a compromised immune system brought about by being premature, Reflux problems and having Cerebral Palsy, which doesn’t help.

I take Digestive Enzymes to help the food that I eat, digest better. I also take acidophilus to help with the gut and L-Glutamine to strengthen my Oesophagus. I also take Hydrochloric Acid that helps with stomach acid. I take Vitamin C to boost my immunity and a tonic when I need it to help me recover from illness and a daily supplement. It probably sounds a lot, but without these, I would be constantly ill.

I know that Reflux is something I will have to address. Although I don’t worry about it, I am hoping that all I have had in place over the years has been enough to stop me from developing Oesophageal cancer, which can be associated with the condition. From my understanding, it is based on a very small percentage. Not everyone with Reflux goes on to develop the disease.

I wonder whether the supplements and remedies I have taken over the years have helped, even though I’ve struggled to take away the problem at times.


2 May, 2011

6 thoughts on “My long-term health concerns

  1. Just try and rest and don’t do too much. Rest will help you feel better soon. Good Luck.

  2. I agree with Randy. You need to rest. Everything you do is great.

    All the supplements you’re on is great too. You have a great constitution. Keep it up. I think your doing great.

    You may feel bad right now but in the long run you’ll do great.

  3. Keep doing what you are doing – I know it’s hard at times especially in terms of the uncertainties ahead, but I know you are going to be ok 🙂

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