My neuro struggles

If someone were to ask me how the neurological aspect of cerebral palsy affects me, it would be a difficult question to answer. I have researched it, but part of my condition means I don’t recall information that well.

I find it hard to compare, as I have only my own experience of managing thoughts, feelings and memory to go on and finding out late, meant I adapted effectively without knowing in many areas.

I have always known I struggle with anxiety and as a result, means I do things and think things out differently. Knowing about autism explains it a little more.

My anxiety is the worst part, although managing change and having perception difficulties through my particular brain damage, means unfamiliar situations and coping with unexpected scenarios can be difficult. Smells and textures are also difficult.

I am lucky that I am able to connect deeply with my spirituality/intuition to manage decision making. I’m not sure how old I was when I began to rely on them, but effectively they both help bring about clarity, where I have little to no clarity.

The whole neuro autism issue is scary, primarily because of how I get to see the world and deal with issues, but with the help, others can help me pave the way for me to feel better about things.

I am almost embarrassed I’m not able to do these things for myself, but I must also accept this is my life and what I have been given.

14 Dec, 2019

2 thoughts on “My neuro struggles

  1. It is good that you’re able to understand your neuro issues more. It must have been difficult not knowing anything at all and then having to work it all out.

    Now hopefully people around you will understand and work with you at your level, so that you don’t feel anxious and that will help you manage your feelings more.

    1. Thanks. Yes, your response is spot on. I’m doing better, although it’s not something I fully understand.

      Having presented this way for the whole of my life doesn’t make it any easier. I know that I am more emotionally and mentally disabled than I am physically.

      I am in a catch 22, because it is the fact that I am more emotionally and mentally disabled that I struggle to get my symptoms back.

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