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This blog is to help me understand how others deal with me and my cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy continues to be incredibly difficult to deal with, not because I struggle, but because there is very little understanding from others on what I deal with.

Although I am mentally immature and my brain’s ability to process information correctly is impaired, none of how I am is intentional, but it’s not the way it’s received. Sensory issues that we deal with can be misinterpreted and sometimes are by those who have less of an understanding than we do on our disability.

17 Jan, 2015

4 thoughts on “My next blog

  1. I think you will eventually find the answers you are looking for. It will just take a lot of time and effort. You have more patience than me that’s for sure.

    Keep on keeping on!!!

  2. It sounds a lot like what I’ve had to deal with over the years as people (especially my girlfriend) seem to think that the issues I have are things that I do intentionally!

    I certainly don’t enjoy having memory issues and difficulties understanding things because it makes me feel very stupid. I may not have the exact same CP issues but I can so understand what it’s like to be treated like your different when you’re really not!

    I know that’s one big reason I don’t like dealing with a lot of people because I feel like they really don’t get it.

    1. Thanks for empathising Randy. It sounds as though you struggle with similar issues, but different. I can empathise with you and do. I know how you feel.

      It’s not easy but at least you know it’s not you.

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