My on-going health

My problems with illness are always potentially problems waiting on the side lines. Waiting too late to eat yesterday morning, not snacking early enough during the course of the afternoon because I was out and having to deal with more family issues added to my health problems.

On going to bed I couldn’t sleep and spent the early morning sitting up with chronic digestion problems. I need to make sure I keep up with my health as much as I can, so I don’t get caught out. I’m still not feeling one hundred per cent this morning, but I’m feeling slightly better so I have to be okay with that.

16 Oct, 2013

4 thoughts on “My on-going health

  1. Glad you’re feeling a little better, I hope you continue to improve. You’re so good at being vigilant with your health. Wish I could be more like you.

    1. Thanks Lisa. You might be surprised to know that there isn’t anything out of the ordinary that I do that someone else cannot do.

      We just have to find what works for us to help us.

  2. As we age our bodies seem to cope differently with how we deal with stress and digestion etc.

    This is more so for you because of your CP. We also learn to listen to our bodies and adapt as best we can in order to cope and you do that well.

    Keep it up, as tomorrow is always another day.

    1. Thank you. I agree with you. As you say tomorrow is always another day. I tend to go with that. I always look for something positive to home in on.

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