My Parents’ Validation

The Spirit World is our real home, it is a divine place where we come from before our physical experiences. Our loved ones who go back to spirit once their physical journeys are complete will continue to be in touch with us in our every-day lives.

If like me, you believe in the ‘spirit world’ you will know about synchronicity, the coincidental occurrence of events. You will also know that the spirit world is part of our world, as we are part of theirs. The spirit world is parallel to this one, where our loved ones go after their physical lives.

They are made up of the same energy, the same spiritual force that binds the heavens and universe, which are also a part of us. When we pass, it is where we go back. The ‘divine place’ is made up of our loved ones, Spirit Helpers, Guides, and Angels. With the challenges we face daily, turning to ‘spirit’ for guidance and clarity can be a source of great comfort.

The spirit world cannot interfere with the karmic lessons we’re supposed to experience in our lifetime, as these are our lessons to learn for our soul’s evolution. But they can assist us in our life through divination, inspiration, synchronicity, guidance, and dreams. We can seek out assistance in times of struggle, and if spirit agree, take confirmation of what we already know.

Having taken individual readings for both my parents, my father recognises my ambition and acknowledges everything I have achieved. He sees me looking out towards the world. He sees I am not confined. He is proud. He smiles as he says that what I do ‘is a gift to the world’.

Mum sits with me daily as I write, she can see what I have achieved. She is happy, she is smiling, and she is proud. They say I have achieved greatly in spite of my experiences. Together they are proud and happy for me.

To have validation from my parents in spirit, on everything I have achieved, everything I write, is rewarding and humbling. Their validation has come exactly at a time when my second book is at completion. It empowers me.

It is a turning point for me through a lifetime of struggles. It is an acknowledgement of my life lived in the way I tell it through my blog. Yes, all my documented experiences have now been validated, finally.

13 Jul, 2021

4 thoughts on “My Parents’ Validation

  1. It would have been great to have some sense of validation from my parents, but it never happened.

    I’m not quite sure of what I believe in after what I have been through, but my thoughts lately have also been about the spirit world and my fear of the unknown as to what’s coming up next.

    It would be great to be able to believe that the spirit world will be a better place, but thanks to being raised as what I call a force-fed Baptist, I do wonder.

    But right now, I am finally doing what I want to do, for myself, in my life and I’m trying to learn how to enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, validation helps us and it’s not easy having it, but please don’t give up on your beliefs.

      I believe personally that it was only through my beliefs that I was able to stay focused on what I needed to do, to work through my disability.

      We can still get to where we want to be without our parents’ validation, but I believe validation helps us come to terms with our life and also helps us know that our parents know what we went through, even if they were never able to admit to it.

  2. I am so pleased that you have finally received the parental validity you deserved.

    This has certainly come at the right time with the publication of your second book. I am in no doubt spirit was waiting for the moment.

    It sounds like it has given you a real boost.

    1. Thank you. Me too. It is cathartic, a release if you like. I love that I have it.

      It certainly is a boost. One that I never thought I would have in my lifetime. I never stopped believing.

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