My Parents’ Validation and Closure

I remember parents’ evening as if those evenings had happened yesterday. When teachers came to talk about me, they did so with a smile because I was a pleasant child in school, but and there was always a but.

My parents never went into what the teachers might had said about me falling behind in class; truthfully there wasn’t much for me to read into, but one thing was for sure, when I went back in the following morning, it was business as usual, as I continued to lag behind the other 36 children in my class.

My homework didn’t equate or add up to much. I did come home with my books, but had no idea what I was supposed to do. My parents didn’t ask, and my books went back into school unchecked the next day, complete or not.

My marked text books usually had ‘see me’ from teachers, but that also didn’t change anything. In school, I was left to my own devices and my learning difficulties continued. Contrast that with my own children’s education and they’re worlds apart.

Although my parents never talked about my disability, I am now able to talk about it with the help of the ‘spirit world.’ The ‘spirit world’ is a term used by mediums to describe the afterlife.

Mum knows she could have done so much more to help me live with a disability I didn’t know I had, but her pains and fears got in the way. As parents if we take the time to look, we may see our reflection in our children, how our decisions may impact them. In my case, that would have been helpful.

As parents, we may not get everything right, but it is important to get more right than we get wrong. We need to take the time to stop, to listen, and to recognise what is needed. It’s too late for children, when their parents are no longer living.

When anyone passes over, they can start to work on themselves, they can come to understand their decisions, their faults, and their attention to the lack of detail on this side of life and where they could have done things better.

Where this side of life, parents may have a hard time discussing their emotions, matters of the heart, and failing to deal with things that clearly need to be addressed; on the other side they can with time, see exactly what they should have done. Having spent years observing me through my writing, mum knows and I take comfort in knowing she knows.

She apologises for my difficulties and asks that I keep my ‘spirit’ strong, whilst being true to what is right and healthy for me, without me having to justify what I’m doing through my writing. Having now taken responsibility, mum has made her own transitions in ‘spirit’ when through my courage she is also healed. I couldn’t be happier about that.

My father is also happy to sing my praises and proudly owns the fact that I am his daughter. He is immensely proud of my achievements and what I have gone on to achieve. Although he doesn’t respond in the same way as mum, he is in no doubt that what I have done through my writing can and will help a lot of people and he couldn’t be prouder.

Yes, he sees me looking out towards the world. He sees I am not confined. He is proud. He smiles as he says that what I do ‘is a gift to the world’.

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Thank you.

12 Nov, 2021

2 thoughts on “My Parents’ Validation and Closure

  1. I’m glad you have finally got the validation and closure you deserved. I am sure your parents are enormously proud of your achievements and I am really pleased through spirit they have been able to tell you.

    It is important to receive a parent’s love, praise and support and while your parents weren’t belt to give you that this side of life, you know how they feel now.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I am too. It was also nice to hear that at the same time I got closure, through my courage my mother is now healed and has moved on herself.

      There is no doubt for me that through my courage, my mum has found her own courage and voice. I love that.

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