My predetermined life

I believe the life I am living was predetermined long before I was born. That the Universe selected me to live the life I’ve lived, to experience what I have, so that I may help other people. That any issues I have to deal with around family, are also there to help me fine tune my experiences.

I also believe that my writing were also something predetermined for me to be able to write about my experiences, in a way that may help others bring clarity into the equation and into their lives, with what they may have to deal with.

Being able to write in the way I do, has also allowed me to talk about my disability that was totally out of my reach in my childhood and for me to remember all of those experiences. Through my experiences, my writing allows others to think and bring clarity into their own lives.

It’s also there to show others that there is a new life beyond their experiences that allows them to work on the things they need to change. Although my life has been difficult, it helps to know that others may benefit from my experiences.

21 Apr, 2018

6 thoughts on “My predetermined life

  1. I completely agree with you. I believe our lives are all predetermined. I believe that you were chosen specifically for this ‘job’ because you are strong enough to cope with your experiences.

    You had to live that life to learn and to help others. We should all be thankful to you for that.

    1. Thank you. Yes, believing that our lives are predetermined is half the battle for most of us I would think.

      The other half of the battle is being able to accept what was predetermined for us. I think it makes it easier for knowing others are benefiting from my experiences.

      The enormity of what’s been done to me never leaves me, but knowing I have my website and that my writing benefits me and others, makes the pill that easier to swallow.

      I’m not happy it happened and it doesn’t condone their actions, but it does go some way to making things feel easier, knowing that what I have created is lending support to others and each other through my website.

  2. Yes, I have to wonder about that myself, since I felt like I should have died from the pneumonia when I was 3, but something sent me back since I was supposed to be here for a reason.

    I have often wondered what that reason was, since it wasn’t made clear, but I guess I won’t know until the time is right.

    It has been a tremendous help following your blog, seeing as what you usually write about is what I happen to be dealing with at the time.

    There were a lot of life skills that I never really had the chance to learn, so I have been trying to learn how to do them as an adult, which is so very difficult.

    I know there has to be a different way to live, which I have yet to experience, since I haven’t ever really known what it is like to really be free.

    1. Thanks Randy. I hear you. Yes, I understand you not having life skills in early life, I’ve had to learn and work through my own life skills and that’s not easy.

      I think the more we work at our life, the more opportunity we will have of learning what our life skills are. It would go on to take me 46 years to work it out.

      It’s only when I look back on my experiences that I can see how I got to do what I’m doing with the Diary and I am thankful.

      Sometimes we can go through life and never know what our calling is, but even where we don’t know, we must continue to be positive and proactive.

      I believe the more positive and proactive we are, the more doors will open for us and the more our calling becomes obvious.

  3. Yes, the Universe works in mysterious ways, steep and very much alive. You have focused your awareness on why you’re here, instead of trembling.

    Next, you’ll remember flying above your worries, since you’ve done that already.

  4. Yes, I try to ‘fly’ above my worries, but I’m not sure I always succeed. I agree and you’re so kind. Thank you.

    Ever since I was a small child, I have always felt protected that in some way the universe was trying to tell me things would be okay, that I needed to hang on and that I shouldn’t give up.

    For it to work effectively we must have an inner belief. It helps us look for our opportunities when the time comes. That is exactly how things happened for me.

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