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My site, together with my blogs may reflect someone who is completely and one hundred percent focused and in control of life, but the path of life never runs smooth and given what I have had to deal with over the years, this statement is true for me.

As I organise my thoughts around my various daily issues, every now and again I too can get caught out and lose focus. I am fortunate that I have my writing to fall back on and that continues to steer me forward, bringing my thoughts back into line so that I can continue to refocus.

Sometimes I have to push myself and that’s the part I find difficult, particularly if I’m having to deal with more than one issue simultaneously and there is very little resolve. I may give the impression from what I write and how I write that life is easy, or that I have life easy, but that’s simply not true.

My life has been far from easy. I often get caught out, but understanding my journey helps me focus so that I can continue to be active with a site that I am not only enthusiastic about, but is part of me and what I have become.

My blog today is dedicated to Peaches Geldof.

8 Apr, 2014

8 thoughts on “My real life

  1. I enjoyed reading today’s post, as it shows us that with focus, dedication and determination we can change things, as you have. It is nice that you dedicated it to Peaches too.

    1. Thank you! Peaches was a beautiful girl who also struggled with life, but differently. Through her experiences she also went on to prove to herself that she too could turn things around. I wrote my blog before I heard the news of her passing. Very poignant today.

      The world will be a more sad place without her.

  2. I agree with Brad. Your posts shows that anyone can do anything if they set their minds to it and don’t give up.

    We need to set goals and keep them. I have my goals and I intend to keep them. Once I set my mind to something, I won’t turn back and just drop it.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I suppose wanting to know my whole life what was wrong with me, gave me the staying power to never give up, but the site itself came about as a consequence of finding out. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would run a site, let alone write blogs for one!

      With my family being independent, my site came just at the right time. It’s given me a purpose and a focus. It’s important for us to have goals as long as they’re within our own capabilities and something we feel we can achieve, all things considered.

  3. Speaking for myself, I never really got the impression your life was ‘easy,’ but more the fact that no matter what, you kept going!

    You’ve obviously done a lot of work on yourself and your life which has greatly improved it. People seem to have the impression that having any type of disability (physical or mental) allows us to get away without doing as much as we have to, which is so very far from the truth!

    I would love for those people to exchange lives with me for a while and see how long it would be before they’re begging for their own life back! I do know how highly insulting it can be when people give that kind of attitude. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t share a lot with people about my issues, because they automatically start judging me.

    Society as a whole isn’t very understanding or forgiving sometimes! I know that’s probably one big reason why my daughter doesn’t like to go out, because her CP is quite noticeable. I’ve been pushing her to go out and enjoy herself where she lives without stopping to think how traumatic it can be at times.

    I have paid attention to the various things you’ve had to deal with and your life is far from easy. It’s such a pain when you have to plan things around the issues you may have to deal with. I would so love to be able to just go off on adventures spontaneously, without having to make certain plans to deal with things, that may arise.

    My real life has never been anything close to easy. If people think it, it would be pretty sad that they obviously don’t have a clue!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes I kept going and have found ways to bring peace and tranquility into my life after years of struggle.

      I resonate with some of your struggles. All we can do is our best, given what we deal with and find support where we know we have it.

  4. I look forward to reading your site every single day. The CP Dairy has become a part of us and we are grateful for its existence.

    You are the author of something truly special and if this site was born from your struggles, then we are the proud recipients of that.

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