My rules of the road

I wanted to write a blog about my own values that help bring about peace in my life, outlined below:

  • Whenever you give help to someone do it with good grace;
  • When you apologise to someone say it with conviction as if you mean it;
  • We all have lessons to learn;
  • Failing a lesson will open another door but first we need to understand why we failed;
  • Never belittle another person’s beliefs or thoughts;
  • When talking to someone, always make sure you have eye contact, that way they know you are interested;
  • Be attentive and show you care by showing compassion;
  • Get to know someone first before you pass judgment, better still don’t pass judgment;
  • If someone’s not willing to meet you half way, their friendship isn’t for keeps;
  • Always be yourself, there is no need to pretend to be someone you’re not;
  • It’s important to think about yourself, even more important to think about those who need more emotional support;
  • Be a shoulder to cry on you never know when you might need one back;
  • Don’t judge others by your own standards. It’s important for others to have a fair trial;
  • Work on seeing only the positive and if the positive turns out to be less than positive, always look for the silver lining;
  • Speak your own truth, because the reality is that’s all you have;
  • Don’t compromise on your own values or morals just to please others;
  • Never leave something unsaid in anger. Go back in to make amends is always the best policy, regardless of who is to blame;

4 Jan, 2011

6 thoughts on “My rules of the road

  1. I like these rules to live by. A type of list as a guide down the trail on our life’s journey. Very cool indeed, don’t ever get tired of it either. Thank you for sharing this.

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