My Silver lining

There is no doubt in my mind that I had have been told about the early diagnosis, I wouldn’t have had my website. I also wouldn’t have needed to have had my MRI scan.

I also wouldn’t have started writing. That came on the back of not knowing anything. I am grateful to have had the foresight to do both. I know that without me being who I am, my diagnosis and knowing what my symptoms are would never have seen the light of day. I am sure of that.

I’m just thankful I didn’t give up. There were times when it would have been easier but giving up wouldn’t have brought me to this place. I needed to speak my own truth and that’s what the Diary has allowed me to do.

I believe there is always a silver lining. Unconsciously, it’s important to continue to believe that there is and believe in hope. That one day you’ll be instrumental in changing your life. Look for the possibilities. They are there.

It’s something we must continue to work towards and on. We must be instrumental.

28 Jan, 2018

4 thoughts on “My Silver lining

  1. Yes, I’m sure that if you weren’t the person that you are, you wouldn’t have ever bothered to find out what your diagnosis was and tried to do something about it.

    In watching you speak out about your condition, it has shown me that I can speak out about my issues too without feeling like they were all my fault.

    I know I certainly never asked for my issues, just as you never wanted to have the issues that you did. It sounded very much like you were made to feel like there was something wrong with you, but they never addressed what was really going on which is so unfair to any child.

    You have helped me to find my own voice by using your own. There is hope that both of us can change our lives for the better and be able to help others while we do.

    1. Thanks Randy. I’m pleased that through my experiences and blog you have found the courage to speak out so that you talk about what you deal with.

      Individually we all seem to be wrapped up in our own issues, we take very little time to think about and want to help others. It’s good that you are able to do that.

    1. Thank you. That’s so kind. Yes, if something we do has the capacity to change other people’s lives, that has the capacity to become our own ‘Silver lining’ too.

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