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My site continues to prove, how we can daily change the way we view our issues and the world. My site continues to show me that whilst we can all change, we need to want to.

My site also continues to show us ways in which we can change our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. There is a ‘Golden Thread’ that runs through each blog that allows us to see beyond what we’re dealing with, so that we can think about and how we can go about incorporating that change into our lives.

There will be those of us who automatically allow for change, those of us who may not always be sure how to incorporate change, but are willing to at least think about and explore the possibilities of change, or those who simply don’t recognise they need to change, or even those who don’t think they need to.

But even if we don’t think we need to change, we can always do better. Life in general shows us, if we’re at least willing to look and learn. In the meantime, The CP Diary continues to inspire my thinking.

It also challenges and changes how I view and see the world, so that I don’t become disillusioned, but instead feel empowered that I can choose to make a difference for others too.

3 Apr, 2017

6 thoughts on “My site

  1. I was my own worst enemy until the CP Diary focused my attention on awareness instead of worry; that made my life much easier.

    And it’s fun to connect with supportive people to liberate our lives through mindfulness.

    1. Awww thanks Tim. And it is something I shall continue to work on with the site. Thank you for being a part of that.

  2. Yes, this site has been very instrumental in helping me to see things differently and realise that there are things that I can change in my life.

    I grew up in a world where we were made to feel like we didn’t have control over our own lives. We lived like Gypsies for most of our childhood for some bizarre reasons and made to feel like such a burden to our parents.

    They may not have said it directly to our faces, but we knew that they weren’t happy most of the time. They seemed to like to remind us that the only reason they got remarried was so that we wouldn’t go into foster care and be separated, when it probably would have been the best thing for us. I still don’t get why they even bothered having us when they didn’t seem to want to take care of us.

    Needless to say it has been a daily struggle to defeat those old tapes that keep playing in my head that make me feel like I’m not worthy. This site, 9 times out of 10, will have a daily post that covers exactly the issue I’m dealing with at the time which never ceases to amaze me.

    I’m sure that’s why we connected so early on, seeing as we had very similar environments growing up. You have really become such a power of example for me to show that I can actually change things in my life. I don’t have to just suffer and exist like I always did, because that was how I was raised.

    My mother never fully grasped how much she destroyed my mind, body and spirit, simply because she didn’t know how to let things go, including her own children. I just want to be able to be comfortable in my own skin for a change and this site has done a tremendous job in helping me to achieve this goal.

  3. I really enjoyed reading Tim and Randy’s comments and can only reiterate and reinforce the value of everything you do on The CP Diary site.

    Your dedication and insightful blogs and comments are a lighthouse beacon in an increasingly dark world.

    1. Thanks. I really appreciate your kind comments and lovely feedback and am happy to leave your response to my blog with you.

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