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Sorting our issues out, very much depends on what’s going on around us, but if we all worked together, our issues would not only get sorted out, but they would get sorted out quicker.

Given my blog, it would be easy to conclude that my life’s in order that my stress is sorted out. Those close to me would all have to be working off the same page for me to be totally free of stress and that doesn’t happen.

My site lessens the load, but it doesn’t give me exemption from a stress-free life. My life has never been easy or straight forward, my blog wouldn’t exist if it did, but again my blog gives me the tools to deal with any issues that crop up that I have to deal with.

The reality is that I too still struggle with stress away from my site, but that my site helps lessen the load.

15 Jan, 2017

4 thoughts on “My stress

  1. Yes, if people actually chose to work together, the world would be a much better place. Sadly this isn’t the case and people choose to force their belief’s on others, which creates so much stress in the world.

    There is a total lack of common sense, in that if they did try to solve problems together we could accomplish so much for ALL of us. One group always think they’re better than the other so this won’t happen anytime soon.

    Both of us have difficulties in dealing with stress but for different reasons, yet it still affects us, so in that way we’re on the same page. My stress affects me physically, as in last night I had a stressor and my stomach felt like I had swallowed battery acid.

    You have trouble processing the incoming information which creates a lot of confusion and therefore a lot more stress, if I remember correctly. This requires a lot of improvising to figure out what’s going on and how to address the situation, which other people may not have as much of a hard time dealing with.

    I’m sure that people assume that I don’t have a lot of stress, since I’m not working but they don’t have to live inside my head. My biggest issue usually is that I get overwhelmed so easily because nobody ever showed me how to properly deal with a lot of things.

    Even my girlfriend treats me like I’m stupid, when I don’t know how to do certain things that people my age should know, which really doesn’t help. I am very far from stupid but people just assume that I am, because I don’t handle life very well.

    Considering what I went through as a child, which most people don’t know about, this isn’t a big surprise. I’m trying so hard to learn a lot of things I didn’t when I was a kid.

    I just wish more people would take that into account when they choose to judge me.

  2. Thanks Randy. Yes, I’m forever having to work things out, fill in the blanks, particularly around my neurological issues.

    I think any amount of stress can make us feel physically ill, which is why it’s important we don’t let our stress get to that point. I always try to make sure I deal with issues as they present, so I don’t get ill. I hope you’re not physically ill for long Randy.

    Because we all handle stress differently, it wouldn’t be up to someone else to comment on how we deal with or handle our stress. It’s massively important that others understand us and what we may struggle, as we must come to understand them and work together; so that we are helping one another.

    As for learning, whilst we’re living we will always have something to learn, it’d be a pretty sad existence if we were to stop learning.

    You keep learning Randy and ignore the judgments, they’re not personal to you.

  3. If you struggle with stress and you do what you do with the site, what chance have the rest of us have!

    As well as giving yourself the tools, you give us the tools also to work through our own issues, with the information you set out in your blogs.

    If we’re struggling with our own issues, it’s not always easy to see or help others with what they may need help with, or deal with.

    1. Thanks. Yes, my stress doesn’t necessarily come from me, unless I’m dealing with an issue that is compounded by my sensory issues and I’m struggling to deal with it, but even then I will try to work it out without stressing everyone else.

      It’s important that whatever we deal with that we work together. If more people were to work together, there would never be an issue that couldn’t be solved. Unfortunately, we all deal with stress differently and it’s those differences that often come between people. Support is often lacking.

      Having Cerebral Palsy and neurological issues, I have learned what it is to struggle, therefore I automatically know how important it is to help other people who may also struggle, or have their own issues that they deal with.

      I see their struggles in my own struggles, so I’m always happy to offer that support.

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