My struggle days

It’s a small but more personal blog today and I’ve felt better. One emotional struggle day has somehow turned into two and two turned into three.

Those days don’t necessarily feel negative. In fact I’m not always thinking about anything. My mind’s often blank, or I’m not aware of what my thoughts are. I often just need to find a way to lift my mood back up again.

Those days aren’t always about me, but often about what’s going on around me, but no matter what my struggle is, no matter what I deal with, I always try to see tomorrow as a new day, another opportunity for me to put a new slant on things.

I feel that whatever our day, whatever we have to deal with, it’s just important we don’t give up. Those times will pass.

2 Aug, 2016

2 thoughts on “My struggle days

  1. Oh, yes, there are times when it’s all the things going on around me that are bothering me more than my own issues.

    I am going through this right now due to family issues that won’t get resolved until a couple of months from now. I know that other people find it so much easier to let things go, but they haven’t been through what I have, where you did have to worry about all the little things.

    I’m not one of those ‘don’t worry, be happy’ kind of people and I’m okay with that. People really don’t get that it takes longer for me to process things than others, seeing as I didn’t always have the luxury of doing so when I grew up!

    1. Yes quite. I think it’s only through our everyday hardships that we come to realise we’re dealing with more than we think.

      I know from my own experiences as I am sure you have too Randy, struggling with everyday issues brings about some of the old feelings, not quite dealt with that we still have to deal with.

      When I’m coping with things and my life is ticking over, although I know I’ve had to deal with, those issues don’t seem to come to the forefront of my mind, but they’re there when I begin to struggle again.

      Just do what you can do Randy. Your life is your life. How you deal with things is for you to deal with and not for others to comment.

      As long as you get to where you want to be and you take out the element of struggle, others will just have to understand, you can do what you can do.

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