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I am fortunate that for the last 11 months writing for The CP Diary has been easy. As soon as I sit down to write, I usually have inspiration of what I am going to write before I turn the computer on. There is always something for me to write about.

Today it’s not happening so easily but given the fact that I am still poorly probably has something to do with it. For the last two weeks, my usual routine has been put on hold. Looking after sick family and given my own delicate disposition with Cerebral Palsy, has finally taken its toll on my own health and I’m sick now.

I’m not complaining. There would be no point to it and it wouldn’t get me well any quicker. I still need to work through my own recovery and being negative will just hinder my recovery. My aim now is to try and work through my illness as quickly as I can. I need closure on the last three weeks.

I know things will pick up and when they do, we will probably look back and say, ‘hey we came through.’ We have good and bad times, ups and downs; but it’s the ups and downs that help us stay a little more grounded.

Those are the times when we evaluate what we have and begin to appreciate our lives a little more.  For now, I will continue to blog my thoughts. The Diary remains very much a part of my life.

I’m pleased I have that.  It helps me focus when times get rough.

30 Apr, 2011

4 thoughts on “My thoughts

  1. I agree, our challenges keep us grounded and keep our will up. The will to keep going and fighting. We must endure these times and come through them.

    I think of them as lessons sometimes and other times just fate. Like my last lesson was to not totally depend on modern technology for my diabetes control. It landed me in the ICU and I don’t want to do that again, so I will use a combination of things to manage my diabetes.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Just try to keep going but don’t wear yourself out. I went through a similar thing with my father after he had a heart attack and broke his hip. For the first month after he came home from the hospital, it was like I was on call 24/7.

    You will get through this. Just remind yourself of that. It will not last forever, this is only temporary.

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