My thoughts on tolerance

Society seemed different when I was a little girl. We were expected to be tolerant of others, it was etched on our souls.

Even if we didn’t agree with our parents or other family members, we were tolerant of their views, their opinions and their guidance. It’s the way it was back then.

In the 60’s society wasn’t as diverse as it is now. Today, children have more to tolerate outside of their own families. Diverse opinions tend to have an impact on children, who may feel more obliged to express their own opinions.

Negative experiences are perhaps another reason why we may be less tolerant. When we begin to draw on positive experiences, our perceptions of each other and our cultures will change.

Tolerance is based on attitude. It’s a respect that should be applied to society where physical differences, gender and sexuality apply. Tolerance should also be applied, when we are referring or talking to people who come from religious or ethnic backgrounds.

With tolerance, we have respect. We also begin to learn about other people’s values and the differences that can separate people and cultures. Tolerance helps us to create new bonds between people that weren’t there before. When we’re tolerant, we accept people for who they are.

30 Jul, 2012

6 thoughts on “My thoughts on tolerance

  1. I do think tolerance is learned from our parents. My parents were very tolerant and so is my sister and I. Sometimes I think I’m toO tolerant! but I agree with you, I think everyone is becoming less tolerant because of the economy.

    We don’t seem to be handling things well and everyone is always stressed out ready to jump down the next person’s throat for some ridiculous reason.

    1. I think tolerance has to come from our parents, you’re right Lisa but I don’t remember tolerance being used in those terms. I never heard my parents say we should be tolerant.

      I do agree that society is a lot less tolerant than it used to be when I was growing up.

      It didn’t matter what we dealt with back then, people seemed to want to help others more, they were definitely more tolerant.

  2. I was not raised in a tolerant home at all and it caused me to live a very narrow and closed minded life.

    Now that I have had much more life experience and hardships, it has led to growth and an understanding of the human condition. I have met the challenges in my life now and have found tolerance.

    My tolerance comes from having been in the other persons shoes. A prime example of this is the intolerance I have had for many years towards my father.

    In raising my own children and making mistakes it allowed me to accept my dad for who he is and that he is human just like me, which led to a phone call last Friday to my father in which I thanked him for what he had done for me and let go of what he didn’t do for me.

    1. Although this response is sad in one way, it is happy in another way too. I can definitely relate to your experiences.

      I also believe what you believe. Our parents don’t always know the best way to raise their children and it’s only when we become parents ourselves that we realise their mistakes. We can either repeat their mistakes or we can go on to correct them by changing how we parent our children.

      I believe thought it is only when we have a better understanding that we will have more tolerance, but we have to want to change. Like anything tolerance is learned behavior. We can consciously choose to be more tolerant or not.

      Thanks for being so honest and open. Am inspirational response. Thanks Brian.

  3. I think that tolerance comes with experience because it needs understanding. That’s the difference between respect and tolerance for me. Respect is a fundamental value as tolerance is a skill.

    1. You’re right in what you say about respect.

      Respect is an old fashion value that society in general seem to have moved on from. I believe though, that if we take time to understand people’s issues more, we will be more tolerant and respectful with them.

      In any event it’s down to the individual how they play it. We’re all capable, we just have to want to.

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