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These are my thoughts again today. Having been catapulted into a place I would never have put myself in, my family and I still have lots of things that we need to work through.

I normally deal with issues as they arise so they don’t get stacked up and that works, but this issue isn’t going away. But I am surprised my cerebral palsy isn’t bothering me. It’s on days like these that I normally have constant reminders on my physical problems.

Maybe it’s tucked itself away for now so I can work on other things. It’s true though, that whatever we have to deal with can become significant at some other point in our lives.

2 Aug, 2010

8 thoughts on “My thoughts for today

  1. Dealing with issues involving family can be tough, but you must deal with it so you can have normalcy. If others can’t deal with it, it is their problem. You’ve dealt with it the best you can.. and you can’t do it for them. They must come to terms with it themselves. I hope your CP stays calm while you’re dealing with things and everything gets better soon. I’m with you in thought.

    Bless you.

  2. I’ve had days when my CP was not an issue, but the problems always come back. It can be like a roller coaster ride. not really having the support of family sucks, but I can’t blame them because they don’t really know HOW to help or what to say.

    1. Bill thanks for posting. I know what you mean when you say some days your CP isn’t an issue, but there will be other days when it is. I understand when you say that your family don’t always know how to help or what to say, that is so true, but I feel it shouldn’t be ignored either. I’m sure they know you must struggle. Why not talk about how you feel and see their reactions, it may just prompt someone to just ask how you’re doing. We sometimes have to pave the way as hard as it is. If they’re not asking and you’re not telling them how you feel, you may never get any support back. I want you to have the support.

  3. I’m guilty of this myself. I just let others assume everything is okay, I don’t pave the way for them especially family. Then I get bent out of shape cause they don’t ask. I’m just as at fault. But sometimes I feel guilty if I say something cause I don’t want to seem like “Hey it’s about me here.”

    1. and why not Lisa.. you would be very much entitled to say something if you’re not getting the support. You support your family, why shouldn’t they support you back. It would make you more inclined to continue with your support of them..

  4. This spurs so many thoughts in me. i don’t have CP, so i can’t know the challenges that brings. but i have felt isolated, alone and inferior most of my life and have found socializing very difficult on every level. I so hear you about not speaking up if something isn’t right, not asking for support even though i want it, and then feeling angry because no one seems to know or care that I would like their support. But I also think it’s important to remember what we can do in spite of our circumstances, not dwell on what we can’t. I don’t see any of us as victims. Thanks again for directing me to this great site IIana.

    1. Scott, so eloquently put. I’m glad you don’t see yourself as a victim, I don’t either, but there are so many people out there who do. I’m pleased that we can support one another. It doesn’t matter that you deal with something different to me, it’s the support that counts with whatever we deal with.

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