My to do list

The good news is that today I have reached a total of 900 blogs. The bad news is I’ve been dealing with confidence and self-esteem issues all week. Today I need to work on myself… on inner peace, I know it’s in there somewhere!

20 Oct, 2012

6 thoughts on “My to do list

  1. Your blogs are great.

    I know what it feels like to struggle with self-esteem. I struggle with it a lot myself. Hang in there, you’re doing great!!

  2. We all struggle with self esteem issues. I have for years and will continue to do so.

    All we can do is keep trying, because if you give up that is BAD!!

    1. Welcome back to the site Randy.

      I agree with you. It’s been a particularly tough week, just how I feel but I’m not giving up. Tomorrow is another day.

  3. So sorry to hear that you’ve been having a hard week, but I just wanted to say that your blogs are greatly appreciated.

    Sounds like you need to take a few days to focus on getting yourself better! I’m sure it won’t take you very long to get yourself back on track. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Randy. As I write this response to you I am feeling better. I’m pleased you enjoy my blogs. I also appreciate you reading them. That helps me a great deal.

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