My ups and downs

It has taken me for what seems like forever, to understand why I continue to have up and down days. It has also taken me a long time and what seems like forever to understand everything there is to know about neurological impairments, which can make me feel panicked.

Because my perceptions are heightened, any issues I have to deal with are also heightened. I have never struggled with the concept of change, I struggle with change that involves having to deal with sensory reckoning.

My rewiring changes everything. I hate that my perceptions are heightened, because they make my issues seem bigger and scarier. Things always visually look and feel wrong until my head makes them look and feel right and that’s something I constantly have to deal with.

On a daily basis I usually have to deal with my sensory perceptions first, then with any presenting issues that crop up. Because things never feel or sit right the first time, I have to constantly bring my thoughts back into line so that my issues don’t blow up into something bigger and for me that’s always been a constant battle.

I would love to hear from anyone who deals with Cerebral Palsy, who also has problems with sensory perceptions in the way I do.

21 Mar, 2015

4 thoughts on “My ups and downs

  1. I know totally what you mean. I constantly find myself feeling overwhelmed with situations.

    I tend to over think things and by doing so they become bigger than they truly are. This causes me a lot of emotional distress.

  2. This must be very hard for the person concerned and their families, as it requires a lot of understanding on both parts; especially as the response to any situation seems quite random until it happens.

    1. Yes when we deal with any sensory issues, our response will always seem random, until that response is repeated again and again. It is that which allows us to understand the pattern that is formed. it’s just a matter of remembering how we respond to certain circumstances.

      I think with it a little bit of patience and understanding all family members can work things out.

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