Neurological issues and Covid

Through cerebral palsy I have neurological issues, so hearing that most hospitalised Covid_19 patients have neurological symptoms isn’t resting easy. COVID_19 is a very real issue for me and is the reason why I am self-isolating.

In March, Carlos Manuel Romero-Sanchez MD, of Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Albaceta in Spain, and co-authors in Neurology, reported that Neurologic manifestations were seen in 57.4% of 841 patients hospitalized with COVID_19. In 4.1% of COVID-19 deaths in the study, neurological complications were considered the fundamental cause.

I live in the UK and am irritated by the UK’s Government’s handling of the virus and the fact that they don’t care that around 60,000 people have died from the virus. I don’t want to be another one of their statistics. I am fighting for my life and self-isolation is the only way to do that.

Since the Care Quality Commission first started collecting data on the number of deaths in nursing homes on 10 April 2020, they have been notified that a total of 8314 people have died up to 8 May 2020.

It could be another year when I am able to get myself back into my life, because I deal with neurological and respiratory issues. Whilst there is still a covid risk, I have little choice but to self-isolate. I am high risk COVID_19.


9 Jun, 2020

2 thoughts on “Neurological issues and Covid

  1. Knowing that we’re being stalked by Covid-19 is scary, but politicians make it worse when they flood our common sense with lies and inaction. This is not good news for our high risk brothers and sisters.

    Even our scientists have been muted I’ve noticed. What has happened to our humanity, does anyone know?

    1. Thanks Tim. What you have written in your first paragraph is what we all know to be true. The UK and USA governments fall into that.

      It’s not what they can do or what works for the people they serve to make us safe, it’s what they can do for themselves.

      The UK’s PM should have instigated lockdown much sooner than he did. He should also have made sure shops and businesses closed sooner. He has eased lockdown too soon and has already sent children back into school, with some parents ignoring his advice.

      For people like myself with a disability and problems around respiratory issues, Covid has become a real issue for me. It has become a life and death scenario, through the PM’s decisions.

      We have both seen first hand what happens when you take control. New Zealand is no different to the USA or the UK. But what their PM did was take control in the first instance, by closing their borders.

      Up until around a couple of weeks ago, the UK’s borders were still open. Sadly, independent scientists’ voices have also been drowned out as you have suggested, so where they could have been instrumental in helping with their advice on how to tackle the virus, they have been silenced.

      The only voices we hear is that of PM Johnson and Trump. The critics have been silenced. For the time being humanity is lost.

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