No concrete results

Unfortunately, my comprehensive food and drink blood test results have now come back, with no real concrete results on what I really deal with, as far as my problems with my health is concerned.

The results came back with positive reaction to cows milk, egg yolks and grape (Pinot Gris). Of course given that I deal with GERD, digestion and IBS problems, this result doesn’t help, when other foods I know I struggle with, I have had no reactions to.

It also confirms what I already knew that in general, food doesn’t have a problem with me, but  my body has a problem in digesting particular foods and is made all the more difficult because I have Cerebral Palsy and was was born premature.

Not feeling great right now, but with my usual positive slant on things, I will choose to see today as another new day. I am intending to speak with a Nutritionist to see what further help there is available.

15 Jan, 2013

4 thoughts on “No concrete results

  1. Wow, I was expecting more from the test. Sorry you didn’t gain a lot of knowledge from it.

    A Nutritionist will be good for you to help you figure things out, diet wise. I hope you feel better soon. You’re in my thoughts.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think you’re right a Nutritionist should be able to help me further. I am slightly disappointed but the results do go some way to confirm what I have known all along.

      It’s not so comforting, but it does help me understand.

  2. I hope at some point you find something that will help you with your problems here. Don’t give up hope that something will turn around and turn into a positive experience.

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