Not interested in change

I believe the reason why many of us don’t change is because we simply don’t want to, we don’t see the need for change, because we’re usually the ones pointing the finger at others, telling them they’re the ones that need to change.

It’s often the ones who don’t see the need for change that need to change, but it’s not always something we see in ourselves. Where others need to change, if we dig deep there will be things we also need to change. I remember thinking the same thing myself many years ago. We can always do better.

I believe that. Most of the time we’re either living someone else’s life or living with someone else’s rules. That’s another reason to change.

13 Jul, 2015

4 thoughts on “Not interested in change

  1. There comes a moment in our lives when we realize we can’t change how people see us. We just simply need to let it go and make a change within ourselves.

    That’s what I have been trying to do. I am learning not to worry how people see me because of my CP, even though it’s difficult. I decided I needed to work on my self-confidence and learn to accept myself.

    What others think of me is not as important as what I think of myself. I believe I have come a long way.

    1. Thanks Maria. I know you have come a long way. Reading your responses over the months that you’ve been contributing to The CP Diary is testament to how far you’ve come.

      I don’t believe we ever get to change how people see us and yet people will always stand in judgment. Maybe that’s also what needs to change. As you rightly say though, how other people see us isn’t as important as how we see ourselves.

  2. I think Maria’s last paragraph is spot on. I used to care what people thought about me until I found the perfect blend of self-esteem and self-respect not to care anymore.

    I normally make changes in my life after listening to messages from the Universe. There’s nothing humanly logical about how the Universe works, it just takes us where we’re supposed to be.

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s not easy to listen and pick up messages from the Universe, but if you can do it, you’ll automatically know you’ll make the right choices, particularly when it comes to change.

      Changing any aspect of ourselves isn’t easy, which is why we often fall into old patterns even through our New Year resolutions. Like you, I also listen to messages that come from the universe and will often base my decisions on what the universe tells me. Because my thoughts concur with the universe, I know my thoughts are right.

      We must always make changes for ourself, only if we feel we would benefit from changing, regardless of whether others want us to change.

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