Old thoughts new experiences

It’s completely frustrating that although I know I’ve taken strides to move on with my life, every now and again I feel as though I am stuck in a rut with some of the same old thoughts.

It doesn’t matter what new experiences we go through, we may still continue to think the same old thoughts regardless. All we’ll do is add our old thoughts, to some of our new experiences. For me it often happens when I’m struggling, or I have more stress than usual to deal with.

As hard as it can be to change some of the old thoughts, sometimes we must physically remove ourselves from the issue or problem first. That when we remove ourselves we’ve won half the battle, the other half of the battle is to understand and change our perceptions so that we change the way we think on those thoughts.

I know that being around the same people can add to our frustrations, particularly if those people are the ones that keep us there. We cannot run away from past thoughts, but having the right people by our side and taking the necessary steps, can help us reduce how much negativity we let in from those people.

Unfortunately, and from my own experience, it’s the constant reruns that add to the constant banter in our heads and those same old thoughts.

12 Oct, 2012

6 thoughts on “Old thoughts new experiences

  1. Yes, it’s very hard to break out of that rut of the old thinking pattern sometimes!

    I end up hearing the old tapes playing in my head and it just keeps looping! It’s something I have to keep in mind when I’m focusing on staying in the present. It would just be great to not feel like no matter what I do, things won’t change.

    I call it the “Groundhog Day syndrome!” I’m hoping and praying that I can move beyond these difficulties to actually live a somewhat “normal” life.

  2. I too have problems letting go of the same old thoughts. My mom always told me to quit dwelling on the past. I should listen to her words of wisdom a lot sooner.

    It’s like a movie in my head. When things get sad or something bad happens a movie starts running and it’s about the past.

    Some of them are good but most are of bad experiences.

    1. It’s very hard to let go of our past, however strong we are to move on from it.

      I believe it’s around the time we’re struggling or having difficulties with something, that we find it difficult to let go of the bad thoughts and/or experiences.

  3. What’s kinda funny to some people, is never in my life did I think I was “handicapped” or disabled until last summer.

    I knew I walked kind of funny and had body weakness, but that’s it. We had to walk a long way to get to the fair from parking and I knew I couldn’t walk that far.

    My friend said let’s take the handicapped bus and I said, no because I’m not disabled. She said yes you are! That’s when I started researching and found you and The CP Diary and other resources. 33 and never thought twice about it.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. What a tough new experience to have to deal with. It must have been incredibly difficult for you.

      I know our upbringing has a lot to do with the way we perceive ourselves and from what you’ve said about your parents, they have always been very positive with you, so perhaps you never tapped into the ‘disabled’ part of you, although it was clearly there?

      When we don’t think about our unconscious thoughts and work from the conscious part of the brain, we may not always equate what other people see. Your friend pointing out to you that you could always take the ‘disabled’ bus, kicked started you into recognising your symptoms for the first time on a conscious level.

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